Return Policy

By making a purcahse utilizing Hobify's Services, Users will be agreeing to the Return Policy below and the return policy of the Seller. In the event the Seller's return policy conflicts with our Return Policy, our Return Policy shall supersede the Seller's return policy. Our Return Policy is provided to ensure both parties are aware of and agree to minimum acceptable return policy. Sellers are allowed to have return policies more less restrictive than our Return Policy.

Responsibilites Of Users

When making a purchase, you should fully understand the Seller's return policy prior to purchase. This means that, if unclear, ask the Seller for clarification using communication means on Hobify PRIOR to purchasing the item.

When selling an item, you should ensure your return policy is (1) not contrary to our Return Policy, (2) clear to the User making the purchase, and (3) complied with unless both parties agree to different terms which are not contrary to our Return Policy.

Minimum Inspection Time

Each Buyer is allotted a maximum time of 48 hours after delivery to inspect the items they purchased from a Seller. This time allows the Buyer to determine if the items received match the items purchased, and check for damage during shipping. During this time, the Buyer may open a dispute with the Seller to address issues with the items they receive. Seller's may offer longer dispute periods (see below).

Seller's Return Policy May Vary

Seller's may offer a longer timeframe in which they will accept a return or allow a dispute. Additionally, separate items may have different return timeframes. Seller's may offer to pay for return shipping. In the event the Seller does not offer to pay the return shipping fees, the Buyer shall purchase a return shipping label through Hobify. Seller's shall purchase shipping from Hobify for all returns when they offer to pay the return shipping fees.

Upon receipt of returned items, Seller's are allotted 48 hours to inspect the returned items and raise a dispute if the Buyer did not return the correct items or the items are in a different condition than was shipped.

Exceptions To Return Timeframes

A Buyer may open a dispute at any time after purchase if the item purchased is found to be not original, altered, or not authentic. In this instance, the Buyer must provide sufficient proof to the Seller and/or Hobify that the item(s) in question are the items shipped by the Seller. The determination of originality, alteration, and/or authenticity must be made by a professional entity in the specific hobby field and verifiable proof provided by the professional entity included in the dispute. The Seller and/or Hobify shall have the right submit the item for additional opinions.

Market Conditions

Some hobbies have volitile markets which affect the value of items in a timeframe less than the total time between a Buyer's purchase and receipt by the Buyer. This can be a problem when an item is purchased and, by the time the item is received by the Buyer, the item's market value has dropped. Hobify does not consider an item's market value to be associated with an item's condition. For instance, if a User purchases and item at $100 and by the time the item is received, the market value is $20, the Buyer cannot request a return/refund based on the change in market value.


The proceeds from a refund may be directed differently depending on payment method used. All refunds for items paid for by a credit card will be returned to the credit card used for the purchase of the item(s) returned. Funds from any other method will be directed to a Hobify gift card or the Buyer's wallet.

Acceptable Proof

Per our Dispute Policy, we recommend Sellers and Buyers to use video/photos during inspection. During any dispute, the User with the most comprehensive proof will likely prevail.

Hobify's Reserved Rights

We reserve the following rights regarding returns and refunds:

  • To act on a parties' behalf, if after 7 days, one of the parties has failed to respond to a dispute. This includes refunding a Buyer without Seller authorization, closing a dispute against a Seller without Buyer authorization, or making both parties whole;
  • Refund the Buyer when, at Hobify's sole discretion, evidence indicates Seller fraud;
  • Close a dispute when, at Hobify's sole discretion, evidense indicates Buyer fraud;
  • Close a dispute if the Buyer submitts a payment dispute outside of Hobify;