Shipping Policy

By making a purcahse utilizing Hobify's Services, Users will be agreeing to the Shipping Policy below and the shipping terms of the Seller. In the event the Seller's shipping terms conflict with our Shipping Policy, our Shipping Policy shall supersede the Seller's shipping terms. Our Shipping Policy is provided to ensure both parties are aware of and agree to minimum acceptable shipping terms.

Responsibilites Of Users

When making a purchase, you should fully understand the Seller's shipping terms prior to purchase. This means that, if unclear, ask the Seller for clarification using communication means on Hobify PRIOR to purchasing the item.

When selling an item, you should ensure your shipping terms are (1) not contrary to our Shipping Policy, (2) clear to the User making the purchase, and (3) complied with unless both parties agree to different terms which are not contrary to our Shipping Policy.

Shipping Costs

Actual shipping costs are based on weight, dimensions, destination of the items in the order, and shipping provider used. Sellers may choose to set a flat shipping rate, offer free shipping, a per item shipping fee. Sellers may also offer combined shipping at their discretion. Payment for shipping will be collected at the time of purchase and will be the final price for shipping cost to the Buyer.

Delivery Terms

Transit Time Domestically

In general, domestic shipments are in transit for 2 - 7 days.

Transit time Internationally

Generally, orders shipped internationally are in transit for 4 - 22 days. This varies greatly depending on the courier the Seller selects.

Dispatch Time

Sellers are required to ship within 7 days of payment from Buyer.

Delivery Address

Sellers can only ship to verified shipping addresses; typically the Buyer's billing address. Buyers are not allowed to ask Sellers to ship to an address not verified. In the event a Seller ships to an un-verified address, the Seller is responsible for any monetary loss that occurs in this situation.

Verifying Additional Shipping Addresses

Users may add additional shipping addresses to their account but may not use them until they are verified by Hobify. This process takes 2-5 days and is for the safety of all of Hobify's Users. The process is simple. A User simply adds an address to their account and requests verification. Hobify will send a verification letter to the address with a one time code which the User enters in the verification field for that address. If the code matches, then the address is verified and available for use. If the code does not match, you can contact Hobify using our contact form or restart the verification process. Express address verification is available for an additional fee.

Purchase of Shipping Labels

Sellers are required to purchase shipping through Hobify. Shipping and tracking is integrated with our sales platform. Please contact us if you feel you need a variance from this requirement. Buyer must sign for receipt on packages with a cumulative sales value of $500 or more. This is automatically added to shipping fees.

Tracking Notifications

All items sold and shipped through Hobify will be issued a tracking number. Users will be able to follow the progress of their shipment based on the latest updates made available by the shipping provider.

Packages Damaged In Transit

Sellers are responsible for packages until they are delivered to the Buyer's shipping address.

Package Responsibility After Delivery

Buyers are responsible for packages after delivery by the shipping carrier. This includes packages stolen after delivery or mis-delivered by the carrier.

Import Duties & Taxes

Import duties and taxes for international shipments may be liable to be paid upon arrival in destination country. This varies by country, and Hobify encourages Buyers to be aware of these potential costs before making a purchase. If a Buyer refuses to pay duties and taxes upon arrival at the destination country, the goods will be returned to the Seller at the Buyer's, and the Buyer will receive a refund for the value of goods paid, minus the cost of the return shipping. The Seller is under no obligation to refund the cost of the initial shipping.

Customer service

For all customer service enquiries, please contact the Seller or open a dispute.